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Opportunities for companies to build their brands on social media is now even greater as we have launched Super Social Media. A combination of our team's years of experience working on social media campaigns that get results!

How to Approach 
Social Media as a Business
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What You Will Learn From This Presentation:
Secret #1: Social Media isn't free: how to spend wisely
Sure, its free to start an account on social media, but it will take time and money to do it right.  We talk about how to maximize your efforts.
Secret #2: Aligning your business goals with social
Not all companies are looking for leads.  Yet, that's all that most agencies promise.  Get your social media set up to suit your business.
Secret #3: What you need to do to leverage social for biz
We don't often talk about "how" social media can impact your business.  It can be more ways than one and it doesn't take advertising.
Chris Milton
CEO of 323 Media Group
About The Speaker:
Chris Milton works with entrepreneurs and businesses to achieve their sales & marketing goals by strategically improving their customer experience. After co-founding a full-service marketing agency and working with clients in Real Estate, Fitness, Health, Finance and Construction, Chris has developed an understanding of how technology, design and customer insights can be a perfect formula for today's marketing needs.
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